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In response to my design challenge on Instagram, Sophie connected me to ask for help with a wallpaper for her loft bedroom which has sloped ceilings and funny angles!  

I have never visited Sophie’s house before but she kindly sent me some photos of the space and shared her Pinterest account with me so that I could get a sense of the sort of looks that appeal to her. She mentioned in a message that she likes duck egg colours and thinks that a smaller vine pattern will work best. She also said that her husband is not entirely convinced that papering the entire room will work: sharing some good case studies may help convince him that it will look good.


This is an Instagram design challenge and I do not know Sophie personally, nor have I visited her home before, so I am relying on some photos and Sophies’ Pinterest account to help me suggest some possible solutions to Sophie’s interior dilemma.

  • The loft bedroom has exaggerated sloped ceilings – the upright section is low, almost disproportionately to the height of the ceilings. This limits the option to have contrasting wall coverings (paint or wallpaper) as it will simply highlight this disparity.
  • Sophie tells me, via instagram messages, that they intend to change the carpet from the current blue/grey one to a creamer option.
  • The room will be cleared of many of the items of furniture for the new design. But Sophie makes no mention as to whether new furniture will be added. 
  • I do not know who intends to have this room; I know Sophie has young children but from the images saved on her Pinterest account, I would guess that this room serves as a guest room. 
  • Sophie’s images on Pinterest suggest that she has quite a brave approach to interior design and is open to some exciting suggestions.
Current photo of the top bedroom

My Ideas

I would like to make some suggestions which support Sophie’s desire to wallpaper the entire room. In my experience, when a thought has already been had, and then followed up with concrete examples (such as you have catalogued on Pinterest, Sophie), then to “downscale” that idea to a safer, more conventional interpretation will always be regretted and you will most likely spend out again to deliver the original look. 

I recommend “biting the bullet” and running with your original gut instincts as to what will work. 

I also would not recommend treating the ‘upright wall’ section and the ‘sloped ceiling’ section as 2 separate parts. The effect of painting or wallpapering just the lower section will look mean and will only serve to draw the eye down and make the space feel claustrophobic. This example may help show how breaking up the colour choices doesn’t work-

It’s useful to know that the carpet is likely to change to grey as this will help guide some wallpaper colourway suggestions.

Here are some ideas for you which I hope may help:

1. Bamboo

Apart from being the most serene and relaxing design, this pattern is very forgiving in difficult spaces. It has an organic and relaxed pattern and can tolerate being cut off midpoint without offending the eye. (Imagine trying to do this with an animal print for example – it’s very jarring seeing a missing head or leg!).

The colourways currently available are the 2 below and available from Designers Guild:

I have used this paper in an awkwardly shaped room, and although we chose not to wallpaper every wall in this instance, the design works extremely well in this space. (Maybe zoom in on the images to see the junction points).

2. Your favourite, and then to push you a little more…

I agree that this “Little Vines” design is very charming. (Funnily enough,I actually sourced it independently, thinking that it was very nice for the room, and went to cross-refer before realising that it was your preference…)

You have chosen well as the pattern is small and will work well around awkward corners. It is a gentle design, and not at all overpowering. I think it’s very nice and you won’t regret it…But, I would definitely paper all the walls (and possibly the ceiling – I haven’t seen a picture of the ceiling of the room). It will work well with a fresh white gloss paint or a matching teal paint. Or even a pale pink/ gentle orange if that feels like a colour combination you may like (I would love that!)

Could I encourage you to try something a tiny bit more daring, and consider this amazing leopard print pattern in duck egg? Even the description is intriguing as this pattern isn’t usually available in such a gentle and relaxing colour option. It has a punch of personality but has a restful quality which makes it a great choice for a bedroom.

And finally…

3. The boldest choice:

At my house, I have a small room which I mostly use as a study. It is north facing and gets very little natural light. Instead of fighting with those conditions, I have embraced them and chose a powerful wallpaper for the space.

Perhaps this can work for your loft room also?

All the wallpaper choices above will work well with your proposed new grey carpet.

Photo Credit : Turner Pocock Studio

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