Hillarys Interior Squad and Me

You could have knocked me down with a feather! But the email I received from Hillarys definitely said that I had been accepted as a member of the new Interior Squad. 

Suzie Tipple @housewithblueshutters

This is the initiative dreamed up by the Hillarys PR team to get together a gang of passionate home interior bods to share digital content on their experiences of Hillarys products.  There are 6 of us in the Squad – Emily, Oliver, Hayley, Isa, Gemma and me. I’ll share more below, but by way of a simple introduction, we are a mixed little group of different ages, and at different stages of our interior journeys. We love a variety of things about home interiors and between us, we cover bold colours, beautiful neutrals, DIY advice, sustainability and wellbeing practices, eclectic interior design…you get the (rounded) picture. 

Hilarys Interior Squad
The first ever Hillarys Interior Squad featuring (from left to right) Oliver, Isa, Gemma, Hayley, Suzie and Emily

Our job is to create digital content for Hillarys to help illustrate the user experience. And we will be doing this throughout 2023 so that you can get a real sense of how Hillarys products and service work from the different perspectives of all the Squad members. 

Now, I’m really into mixing old and new styles and love an eclectic look in my home. I enjoy pattern and colour so I will be showcasing some bold fabric designs, starting with some amazing green geometric ceiling-to-floor bedroom curtains. 

I’ve also been quietly obsessing about electric blinds and investigating how they can work in certain rooms, for certain people. I can’t wait to try them out and share my feedback with you. Please look out for me on your Instgram feed over the coming months and also keep your eyes peeled for my fellow Squadders. 

Here they are! Let me introduce you to the rest of The Hillarys Interior Squad:

Emily Murray @pinkhouseliving

First up, we have Emily Murray of @pinkhouseliving – a true explosion of colour and pink loveliness. Emily is the doyenne of social media with over 90k followers on Instagram and an equally impressive Pinterest account. She has won awards for her content, representing leading brands across the interior design field. 

She’s enormous fun, bright and creative. She also has a trapeze swing in their living room which, IMHO has to be the most coveted thing in a house, ever. Oh, and she has a very beautiful cat….called Coco!

Oliver Heath @oliverheathdesign

Please meet Oliver Heath @oliverheathdesign – expert architect and interior designer of all things sustainable and well-being within the built environment. His design practice incorporates biophilic principles at every stage of the design journey so expect to see a whole lot of beautiful green in his content, and be ready to learn! Because we all need to be more conscious of how our homes and living spaces impact our mental and physical well-being.

Oliver is also a BAFTA nominated TV presenter, author of 4 books, expert speaker at international events, regular contributor to our national press and an all round happy camper. Impressed, me? Hell yes! 

Hailey @bricks.and.ivory

Next, please meet the lovely Hayley of @bricks.and.ivory . Not only is this lady a talent in her own home, transforming her beautiful house into a serene dream full of calm and restful colours and clever design tricks, but she’s also a full-time dentist! And she has 2 young kids. I’m in awe and feeling woefully inadequate but determined to learn her trade secrets and master this juggling life thing as successfully as Hayley does! 

Isa @life_of_isatu

Every single post that Isa puts up, I love! Our styles are so different but she is tempting me to cross over to ‘the neutrals side’ with those gorgeous relaxing images of her home, mixed in with some great content and recommendations for lifestyle products all showcased @life_of_isatu . Isa, like me, has a grown-up daughter who has recently flown the nest. Unlike me, however, she is a seriously skilled DIY-er who shares great tips and advice that I should also follow on how to upscale your home cost-effectively while using the most beautiful and good quality products. 

Gemma Gear @thatssogemma

And if we are talking about DIY, please meet the Queen of Renovation herself, Gemma Gear @thatssogemma who is currently revamping her newly acquired period house. And she is not shy about getting her hands dirty – her tireless work and her ever-cheerful approach are clearly appreciated as 44.8k people are following her account, hungry for the inspiration and tips she so generously shares with us, and always with a smile! 

And about to get a whole lot happier when Gemma gets to the colour stage. Look back on her Instagram account to get an insight into how the rainbow will be stylishly sprinkled throughout her lovely home.  

The Hillarys Interior Squad

I’m over the moon to be part of this Squad and I can’t wait to share my stories and experiences with you. Thank you, Hillarys for the invitation. It was the easiest yes, and I couldn’t be more proud to be part of this exciting new adventure. 



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