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I really enjoyed my Style at Home shoot, and I was thrilled to be featured in the magazine. Several people have asked how it came about so I thought I’d share 3 steps as to how to get your house featured in a magazine-  if that is your wish – from my own experience. 

Suzie Tipple, front cover of Style At Home magazine, June 2021 edition @housewithblueshutters


Hire a very good photographer to take pictures of your home. Make sure you have photos of the key rooms and spaces in your homes so that editors can satisfactorily assess the suitability of your home for their title. I hired @cici_interiors who created a portfolio of pictures for me. Of course if you are yourself a very skilled photographer, then take your own shot; just make sure they are the best that you can get to beautifully showcase your home. 

People always smile in ‘Interior World’, advises Colin…


Consider the magazine titles which you think your home would suit and contact the relevant editors. Or, as I did, contact a freelance journalist who will contact magazines for you. I was recommended @photoword run by journalist Annabelle Grundy and photographer Colin Poole. There’s a really useful FAQ section on their website outlining how the process works which I really recommend reading. 

My kitchen at House with Blue Shutters


If you are lucky enough to get the call back, fix a date in for the shoot and interview, and then work like a dog day and night to get your house in tip top condition. Colin is a consummate professional and knows what the best angle or vista of a room but help him out by editing rooms to remove any clutter, and style them as best you can so that you are both delighted with the end results. Annabelle interviewed me over the course of the day to ask what attracted us to the house, what changes we have made and other questions about my personal interior style. I loved talking with her and I was so impressed how she turned a full day’s natterings into a coherent and truly representative article of our experience. 

Suzie’s love of colour is evident – especially blue!


Don’t expect any payment, but it can be a good chance to advertise your business if you wish to. I’m promoting my house as a Location Property so it was a chance for me to advertise that. 

Do be patient waiting to see your home in print. Magazines forward plan and need homes to fit around features and seasons. A beach hut home wouldn’t work in a Christmas editions, for example. I waited 8 months for my house to be featured.

There is nothing for you to pay ( if you go down the freelance journalist route) and you will receive a lovely set of photos of your home which you are free to use once the magazine article is published. 

It’s really fun and as you can see not a complicated process, so if you have ever dreamed of getting your home into a magazine, I’d recommend just going for it. Good luck and I so hope to see you in the newsagents very soon 💋 

Front cover fame – my very own 15 minutes, thanks to Style At Home Magazine


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