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Emily is my hairdresser! I visited her today and we spoke about #suziesuggests – my Instagram design challenge to help solve interior dilemmas for my friends/followers on Instagram. She is currently renovating her bathroom and has chosen most of the fixtures and fittings but is looking for a mirror, and asked me to make some suggestions.

She also mentioned that she may want to paint the ceiling a different colour! I wanted to include some suggestions for this also.

Emily has been living in her current house for nearly 5 years and has been desperate to change the bathroom since then. Her partner and she have agreed on the new design which will keep the same configuration but will be totally stripped out and fitted with a new bathroom suite. She has chosen grey herringbone tiles for the floor and a subtle marble wall panel for the shower walls. Emily has decorated her home in a mostly grey palette and has created a sophisticated and calm family home with stylish fittings and furniture. She would like the bathroom design to harmonise with this interior scheme and has chosen black taps and black accessories for the room. She has not however chosen a mirror and has asked for my suggestions.

My ideas

I have sourced a selection of mirrors for Emily to consider:

1. The Teardrop

You mentioned Emily, that you would like a more unusual shape and this beautiful organic form is certainly that! The dimensions are 40cm x 60cm so it won’t overwhelm the wall and the gorgeous steel black frame will coordinate with your other fittings. Available from Swoon – The Archer, £119

2. Black Grid Mirror

Knowing that you are hoping to add this screen to the design, I am suggesting this mirror from JPC Mirror which is available at 60cm x 80 cm (and larger) starting at £210

3. Wave Mirror

A more unusual shape still, the ‘Venus Full Length Wave Mirror’ is inspired by the 1970’s iconic design of Ettore Sottsass. Its frame is made from solid timber wood with matte black colour finish and is H 180cm x W 100cm x D 2.5 cm. It is potentially too big for the space but I thought the shape would appeal to you and could maybe be placed elsewhere in the house if it is too big for this room?

4. The Ultimate Black Frame

I’m clearly heading off brief with this suggestion but this is THE ultimate black frame for a bathroom and I couldn’t help but share it! Teletubbies at bathtime, anyone?! The ProofVision 19″ Premium Widescreen Waterproof Bathroom Smart TV is available to purchase from Victorian Plumbing for £855.94

And finally,

Bathroom Ceiling

You did mention that you were contemplating painting the bathroom ceiling which I think is a fabulous idea. Below a couple of examples of a black painted ceiling to whet your appetite:

I would also suggest painting the woodwork in the bathroom – the door and window frame would look extremely stylish painted matt black.

Emily, I hope these suggestions help you find the mirror that you love for your new bathroom. I am fully behind painting the ceiling black, and I think you deserve a James Bond TV in the room – perhaps on the wall above the bath?

Please let me know how you get on and share your thoughts and photos to #suziesuggests

With love



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