Design Challenge : Theresa’s window seat and redundant cupboard


Theresa contacted me on Instagram with 2 interior dilemmas – she would like some help designing a window seat, and some support for her plan to convert an unused cupboard into a fancy wine unit.

Thresa has 2 young children and I know the family well so I have the advantage of knowing the outlay of their room in which this new window seat is to be placed. (See photos). Theresa would like to be able to store the children’s toys under the window seat.

She is also looking to convert an underutilised cupboard in the corner of her sitting room into a wine store. Currently the television is in front of this cupboard but Theresa says that will move to a different wall.

Theresa responded to my Instagram Design Challenge

Theresa has done the hard work for me! – she has solved the interior dilemmas but I hope I can help find some designs that will work for the space and share any additional information that will make these ideas easy to implement.

The Window Seat

As the photo of your window shows, adding a window seat with storage below is a great idea for this space as it will also be somewhere nice to settle with a book and watch the world go by the front of the house.

The Window Seat

You have a choice of lifting up the seat to access the storage, or adding drawers to the front.

I would recommend drawers at the front as this makes it easier to take out/put away toys on a daily basis:

A large cushion made to fit the shape of the window seat would look great upholstered in a contemporary design. All of the designs suggested below are outdoor fabrics:

This is useful article about the benefits of using outdoor fabric indoors, especially if you have young children as the fabric is stain-resistant, water-resistant (often waterproof), very resilient with a high rub count and UV resistant (good for window seat so not fading in the sun)

These are the links to the fabrics above. Most of them are available in other colourways (but I know you like blue)

Christopher Farrcloth – Performance Weave

Christopher Farrcloth – Brisa Performance – Palm Tree Leaves – Jacquard ikat Blue – Jacquard Small Zigzag Navy Blue – Jacquard Ethno Blue – Jacquard Rhombus Blue

Tinsmiths – Chevron Blue

The New Wine Unit

Converting this cupboard is great use of the space and would be a wonderful feature in the room

I have sourced some suppliers for you but you will need a bespoke solution to fit neatly into the door frame.

Glass Trends & Wine Ware

Kits are available if you could enlarge the door opening to match the measurements:

This kit includes the frameless glass door, the hardware and the track.

Another idea could be to tile the inside of the cupboard and have a little internal light and add some off the shelf wine racks. I don’t have a picture to share but if you like the idea of this, I can help you source tiles for this project.

I do hope some of these suggestions may be of some help and you are able to follow up with suppliers of bespoke wine store solutions and create your perfect glass fronted unit.

Thank you for sharing your dilemmas with #suziesuggests

With love



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